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Frédéric AFRIKA
AFRICA Frédéric has a Bachelor’s Degree (A0) in Law obtained from the Independent University of Kigali (ULK); and hold a Diploma in Legal Practice (DLP) from the Institute of Legal Practice and Development (ILPD) of Nyanza. He attended several professional trainings and Seminars in various fields of Domestic as well as of International Law. From 1983 to 1990, was Inspector of Judicial Police. Professional Career as a Public Prosecutor begun on 30thOctober 1996 until now. AFRICA Frédéric is now Inspector at National Public Prosecution Authority (NPPA). On 30thOctober 1996, he was deployed in the Specialized Chamber with exclusive mandate of handling crimes of genocide and the crimes against humanity committed against the Tutsi from 01st October 1990 to 31st December 1994.He was a head of unit ( Premier Substitut du Procureur ) at Gitarama and Kigali respectively. After the judicial reform of 2004, from August 2004, I was appointed as a District Prosecutor posted at District, until April 2007 when he was elevated to the Post of Prosecutor at Intermediate Level, and three months after, was appointed Chief Prosecutor at Intermediate Level. In February 2009, was appointed as Inspector of National Public Prosecution Authority.In April 2012, was appointed as National Prosecutor.Since 2009 to date, He is serving as an Inspector at National Public Prosecution Authority.
Mr. KALIWABO B. Denis holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law (1994-1999) from the National University of Rwanda and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from ILPD (Nyanza). He has an extensive and varied professional experience in legal practice. From 24/01/2000, he successively served as: Substitute of the Prosecutor General at Ruhengeri Appeal Court; Prosecutor at Umutara Province Level; Prosecutor at Kigali City; Prosecutor at Rubavu at Intermediate Level; Prosecutor with National Competence and National Prosecutor. He is currently serving as Inspector within the National Public Prosecution Authority. He attended trainings of the National Center of Legal Training (CNFJ) and Institute of Legal Practice and Development (ILPD) as a trainer.