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Prosecutor General
Havugiyaremye Aimable is the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Rwanda. He has held other different positions in public service such as Chairperson of Rwanda Law Reform Commission (RLRC), Rector of the Institute of Legal Practice and Development (ILPD), a Commissioner in the Commission in charge of advising the Parliament in reviewing the Constitution of Rwanda in 2015, Vice-Chairperson of Rwanda Law Reform Commission, Principal State Attorney in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Rwanda, and a Lecturer in the School of Law at the University of Rwanda. He holds a Master’s degree in International Law from the University of Pretoria (South Africa). He also holds a Diploma in leadership from the Institute for National Transformation. He is experienced in different fields, including Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, International Law, Legislative Drafting, Investigation, Access to Justice, Legal Education and Institutional strengthening.
Deputy Prosecutor General
Mrs Angelique HABYARIMANA is the Deputy Prosecutor General since December 2019. She holds a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Cape Town, a Post Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the Institute of Legal Practice Development of Rwanda and a Bachelor Degree in Law from the National University of Rwanda. Ms Angelique HABYARIMANA has a wide experience in Prosecution as she served as Inspector at National Public Prosecution Authority for ten years/since 2009 and prior to that, plead before courts as a National Prosecutor for 9 years. She has tremendously contributed to set up a specialized unit combating Gender-based violence crimes and domestic violence, being also the leader of the gender-based violence Unit until 2011. She has played a major role for detainees’ rights assessment in collaboration with the Rwandan Correctional Service, for human rights as a member of the national task force in charge of the Universal Periodic Report and as a member of the task force which implemented the National Preventive Mechanism in Rwanda provided for by the OPCAT. Mrs Angelique HABYARIMANA actively participated to the Child Rights Observatory as NPPA Focal point (2009-2011) and as Board member of a Child Protection Association CECYDAR (2012-2018) She is a part-time lecturer and trainer at the Institute of Legal Practice of Rwanda.
Mr Jean Damascene HABIMANA
Secretary General
Mr Jean Damascene HABIMANA, born in 1964 holds a Master’s Degree in Public Law received in 1991 from the State University of Moldova Kishnew and a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) of the National School of Magistrates (International Section) in Paris. He has held various positions: Inspector of Social Security and Head of the Department of Litagation and Inspectorate at the Rwanda Social Security Fund, Prosecutor; Principal State Attorrney at the Supreme Court and Expert in Legislative Reform Commission. He taught the course of Criminalistics at National University of Rwanda and participated in the training of judicial personnel at the Institute of Legal Practices and Development (ILPD) in Nyanza where he was a member of Board of Administrators. He participated in a number of training sessions and workshops on: •Training in International Criminal Law for judges and Prosecutors at the Hague Forum for judicial Expertise (Netherlands) •Leading High Performance Government in Rwanda by London National School of Governance • Managing the performance • American Political Philosophy • Operational and Production Management (School of Finance and Banking, Mburabuturo) • Business Intelligence (CTI / SFPJ Brussels) • Strategic Management & Marketing (The William Davidson Institute, Michigan) • Executive Skills Program in Finance & Accounting • Leadership & Executive Skills Program (The William Davidson Institute, Michigan) • Techniques of Interview and Interrogation • Analysis of interrogation records • Change Management • Case management and court statistics • Administration of Courts (Ottawa, Montreal, Canada) • XXIVth International Court on Ethics and Corruption (Brussels) • Judicial Reform (School of Judicial Administration and Diplomacy-DAKAR) • Domestic violence (German Judicial Academy-Treves) • Prevention and Judicial Treatment of Corruption (IDLI-ROME) • Executive Program for Prosecutors and Magistrates (Naval Justice School, United States) • Training-LAVAL GETTI on the functioning of the ICTR • Training CORINE-HERMEREL in the Private Law He is also knowledgeable of the following judicial systems: German, Belgian, French, Italian, Canadian, South African and Mauritius.
NTETE Jules Marius
Inspector General
NTETE Jules Marius graduated, with Masters Degree In International Law at the Louvain- La -Neuve University (Beligium ) He previously served as Chief Prosecutor at Intermediate Level and as National Prosecutor.