KARENZI Theoneste, Coordinator of WVSU

Back ground of WVSU

The unit was created at the end of 2006, after considering the increased number of crimes committed against the W&V and the effect it had on reported criminal cases. This was proposed by NPPA and approved by the Cabinet meeting in 2006


To contribute towards the promotion of rights of Rwandans where each individual will fully enjoy constitutional rights without any discrimination and with dignity inherent to human person in general and that of witnesses and victims in particular.


To protect the victims and the witnesses (V&W);

To promote the rights of V&W;

To prevent the crimes against V&W;

To receive various claims from V&W;

Advocacy on behalf of V&W in judicial organs search for complimentary evidences;

To facilitate V&W access  to medical, social and psychological care

The purpose of WVSU

To provide protection to witnesses thereby encouraging crucial witnesses who would otherwise desist from testifying for fear of retaliation towards their life, to come forward and testify 2.

To maximize investigation and information gathering  view to reduce crimes committed against W/V

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